Direct hit by lightning – OH5Z QRT until further notice

Sad news from OH5Z.

We had scheduled the weekend of August 15-17 to put up new beverages and modify operating tables. OH6XX and OG9X arrived the station on Friday evening just to find out that there was no electricity in the shack. After an hour or so we were able to recover the power. At this time we heard that there had been a major thunder storm about a week earlier and the site was hit by lightning.

All equipment had been disconnected from antennas and power line at that time but it came obvious that a major damage had occured.

After checking all devices we noticed that almost everything that was in the shack was lost.

  • – 2 FT-1000 mp tranceivers
  • – 160 -10 meters automatic amplifier
  • – 2 band decoders
  • – 2 6 band automatic BPF’s
  • – 3 computers
  • – 40 meter stack match + controller
  • – 20-10 meter stack match + controller
  • – other relay boxes of the antenna automation
  • – rotor controller
  • – power supply
  • – antenna automation control unit

To repair everything will take some time and it is obvious that we will not participate The Polar Battle, SAC 2014. Hopefully we can get things fixed before CQ WW SSB but it seems that the next real multi operation will be the CW part.

We will keep you posted on the progress of the station repair.

73, Timo OG9X




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