About us

We span an age distribution from about 25 to well over 70.
Some of us have known each other for some 40 years.

We represent well the diversity of the Finnish society, from farmers to merchants and from musicians to engineers.

Many of us have many other hobbies, including fishing and boating on Finland’s
120 thousand lakes, hiking and skiing, reading and writing,
enjoying music from jazz to classics.

Also within ham radio we span nearly everything from top band to the magic six.
Some of us love CW others do best on SSB.
Some hunt countries, others enjoy long QSOs and new acquaintances.

Our QTH Mustila is well known in Finland.
The first radio signals went on the air from here about 1910 when Peter’s uncle Eric sparked the air and began building the first vacuum tubes some years later.

Mustila is also known world-wide for its collection of trees and other plants around the northern hemisphere planted in the Arboretum Mustila, exactly the forested hill where OH5Z is located in what used to be an old hen-house.

Now different sounds come out of there!

Contesting (CQWW since 1952)

Peter, OH5NQ


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