Germany will host WRTC 2018

On Sunday, October 5, 2014 the World Radio Team Championship (WRTC)
Sanctioning Committee selected Germany as the host nation for the WRTC
This nomination followed an initative of DARC, BCC and RRDXA, initiatied
during the Ham Radio fair Friedrichshafen at the end of June 2014. A small
team, headed by Christian Janssen, DL1MGB, was set up in order to explore the option
to hold this event in Germany.

Since 1990, WRTC has been held regularly in different locations. For one
week, it brings together some 60 teams from all over the world, who then compete
in the IARU HF Team Championship under field day conditions. The last
WRTC was held in New England/USA. Only a few weeks ago, it ended with
a bronze medal for Germany.

During the next weeks, the team will launch an official organisation to
finance and conduct WRTC2018 in Germany. The team is recruiting volunteers,
in particular in the fields public relations, location management,accomodation and
social events.

Three geographical regions within Germany are currently under evaluation
and one of them will be selected as the venue for WRTC 2018: the area near
Muenster/Westfalen, the area Maerkisches Oderland east of Berlin and the
area around Jessen/Wittenberg.

A web site has been set up to provide further details:

Additionally, a WRTC2018 mailing list for potential participants was
If you have any addtional questions or wish to join the project team,
please send a short e-mail to contact at


Repair weekend at OH5Z



Hi all

A week ago Juha OH6XX and me went to the station on Friday evening to make repairs after the thunder storm. Mikko OH6HZH joined us and as it was CQ WW RTTY contest weekend his intention was to work the contest part time.

We assembled the fixed stack matches for 40-10 meters and they seemed to work OK. We still have some problems with antenna switching and we could not route antennas for 80 and 15 to the station. That we have to look again next weekend.

Kari OH5LF came on Saturday to change the chain for 62 meter tower just to find out that the motor was burned and there was also something wrong with the gear. The azimuth indication potentiometer was also burned. He will come back next weekend to repair the rotating system. We also noticed that the EA4TX rotator control was not working. There were 2 burned fuses and it seems that the -12 V power supply was damaged.

Tried also repair the semi-automatic amplifier for 160-10 m. We thought the problem was with a time-delay chip which was replaced but could not get it working with automatic band switching. Have to look that again next weekend. Fortunately we can use it as a manual amplifier.

We made new phasing lines for 20-10 meter EU stack and replaced them. While checking the SWR of the stack we figured that the stack match was broken. OK, one more broken box to the to do list.

We took a walk up on the hill to check the beverages and found NA beverage being broken in 3 places. As we have very limited time to make repairs at the station it seems that we have to work CQ WW SSB contest without RX-antennas.


We will update after next weekend

73, Timo OG9X

Direct hit by lightning – OH5Z QRT until further notice

Sad news from OH5Z.

We had scheduled the weekend of August 15-17 to put up new beverages and modify operating tables. OH6XX and OG9X arrived the station on Friday evening just to find out that there was no electricity in the shack. After an hour or so we were able to recover the power. At this time we heard that there had been a major thunder storm about a week earlier and the site was hit by lightning.

All equipment had been disconnected from antennas and power line at that time but it came obvious that a major damage had occured.

After checking all devices we noticed that almost everything that was in the shack was lost.

  • – 2 FT-1000 mp tranceivers
  • – 160 -10 meters automatic amplifier
  • – 2 band decoders
  • – 2 6 band automatic BPF’s
  • – 3 computers
  • – 40 meter stack match + controller
  • – 20-10 meter stack match + controller
  • – other relay boxes of the antenna automation
  • – rotor controller
  • – power supply
  • – antenna automation control unit

To repair everything will take some time and it is obvious that we will not participate The Polar Battle, SAC 2014. Hopefully we can get things fixed before CQ WW SSB but it seems that the next real multi operation will be the CW part.

We will keep you posted on the progress of the station repair.

73, Timo OG9X



Station automation

It all started in 2007 when we started think about making some things easier during the contests. One of the first ones that came to mind was automatic antenna switching. Having had Yaesu radios all the time at OH5Z made designing the antenna switching system a bit easier with the BCD data out from the back of the FT-1000MP. The main principal at the time was to be able to share automatically as many antennas as possible between four operating positions we had at the time. I searched the internet for commercial solutions but either they weren’t suitable or they were out of the budget. I decided to build the system by myself. I contacted Mike SM2WMV (SJ2W) with my ideas and he made a dozen PCB’s for us. After ordering a lot of relays, boxes, connectors and a lot of other stuff I started building the system.

The original antenna switching system consisted  of 6pcs 2×1’s, 2pcs 6×2’s and one 6×1. I also built a pair of stack matches. We can share all the antennas from 40-160m between all the stations with lockout system. On 10-20m bands we can’t share the big stack of four tribanders anywhere else than to RUN1 position. We have this limitation as they are all fed with one feedline and we are not using triplexer with them. All the other 10-20m antennas were originally shared between the three multiplier stations. Before CQ WPX 2014 SSB we added four more boxes, 3pcs 2×1 and 6×1 which now allows us to have three directions on RUN1 position on 10-40m bands.

During all of these years we have worked almost 90000 QSO’s and we have lost maybe 2-3 relays in total. That proves that Mike’s PCB designs are working great. We have had some RFI problems with relays clacking when shouldn’t have but the reason has been quite often on poor RFI protection on the band decoder end or some cable acting as antenna near the boxes.



73, Juha OH6XX


This time we operated the contest with OG9X call. Our intention was to
participate in Multi 2 but because we were a bit short of operators we
entered in Multi 1.

OG9X and OH6XX were full time, Kari OH5TS had to leave on late
Saturday afternoon. Peter OH5NQ caught cold while coming back from EA8
and had problem with his voice and could only operate part time.

We claimed a new OH record even we had some technical problems.

160     8          0     0        16      2.00
80       268     4     140   621     2.32
40       272     1     90     675     2.48
20       1399   15  481   3403   2.43
15       1543   27  504   3375   2.19
10       1003   17  244   2477   2.47
TOTAL 4493 64 1459 10567 2.35
TOTAL SCORE : 15 417 253

OH6XX and OG9X went to the station on Thursday night to do some
preliminary work. We modified the RUN1 operating position to have
everything a bit more ergonomic and to have more space on the table.
We will do the same for RUN2 position as soon as we have time for that.
RUN1 has a K3 for running and FT-1000 Field for S&P. They both share
same amplifier and are interlocked with a Acom commutator.
Both operators can listen with all transmitting antennas or a 80-10
meter vertical 500 meters away from transmitting antennas.

Because of too few oparators we did not use a multiplier station.

OH5TS had visited the station earlier in the week and informed that the
upper rotary dipole of the 80 meter dipole stack was at 45 degree angle.
On Saturday morning OH5NQ and OH6XX drove to the town next by to
get some spare parts to fix the problem. Juha, OH6XX climbed Tower1
at 52 meter level just to find out that the problem could not be fixed with
the parts available. He secured the dipole so that it would not fall down
and break the antennas below it.
Unfortunately the dipole was touching one of the 40 meter yagis and
15 meter driven element of one of the tribanders.
On 40 we could only use 3 element at 34 meters and 2 element at 23
meters fixed to Europe. 80 meter signal was not the one that we are used to.
Fortunately the high bands were open and there was need to spend time
on the low bands.

We did not get running going on 20 at the start and spend the first 3 hours
mainly on 80 and 40. After that we got 20 rocking into North America.

Because of the situation with the 80 meter dipole we did not rotate the
big stack into Japan on Saturday morning but used 4/4 on 20, 6 el on
15 and 10. Later the day 20, 15 and 10 had good openings into North
America and when 15 and 10 closed we continued to work NA on 20 the
whole night until Sunday morning.

Sunday morning we rotated the big stack into Japan but even with a
4 stacked 10 element tribanders the JA numbers were lower than expected.

Afternoon and evening openings into NA were good and we could run them
until about 22 UTC.Then somebody switched the conditions off from us and
we were forced to go to the low bands.

During the contest we were connected to with a real time score.
It was very interesting to see the scores of other Multi 1 teams. We tried to
catch SJ2W, came very close on Sunday morning but lost it again.

Micke and the team at SJ2W – outstanding job in given conditions.

Congratulations also to CN2AA team for a new record.

See you all in cw part !

Timo, OG9X

Next contest – CQ WPX SSB

Next contest at OH5Z will be CQ WPX SSB. We are a bit short of operators so it seems we
will enter Multi Single class.

OH6XX and I will go to the station on Thursday evening to do some preliminary work.
We will modify the operating position tables and add some shelfs for accessory equipment.

We were lucky to have a warm winter with very little snow which made it possible to erect
a 300 meter long beverage for NA. It works like a champ and I belive we will add some more during the summer.

Here are some photos

73, Timo OG9X

LoTW updated

Just finished updating ARRL’s LoTW service. Previous update was from January 2009 so it was about a time to upload OH5Z logs to LoTW. We don’t collect QSL’s or confirmations but there are so many others who do so we try to support them the best way we can. When I started the statistics looked like this:

Today is Thu, 30 Jan 2014 UTC
You are OH5Z
Log Off
You have 59,181 QSO records
You have 19,560 QSL records
New LoTW QSLs LoTW QSLs in Process DXCC Credits Awarded Total
Mixed 206 0 0 206 204
CW 179 0 0 179 177
Phone 169 0 0 169 168
Digital 70 0 0 70 70
160M 98 0 0 98 97
80M 131 0 0 131 130
40M 175 0 0 175 173
20M 181 0 0 181 180
15M 165 0 0 165 164
10M  112 0 0 112 111
Challenge 855 0 0 855

After updating almost 80000 QSO’s from 46 contest between January 2009 till ARRL DX Contest CW 2014 the statistics look like these.

Today is Thu, 20 Mar 2014 UTC
You are OH5Z
Log Off
You have 138,864 QSO records
You have 49,842 QSL records
New LoTW QSLs LoTW QSLs in Process DXCC Credits Awarded Total
Mixed 240 0 0 240 237
CW 215 0 0 215 213
Phone 201 0 0 201 199
Digital 76 0 0 76 76
160M 112 0 0 112 111
80M 153 0 0 153 152
40M 203 0 0 203 201
20M 211 0 0 211 210
15M 204 0 0 204 202
10M 174 0 0 174 173
Challenge 1049 0 0 1049

There are two logs missing. CQ 160m CW from 2008 and 2011. If you know you have worked OH5Z in either of those contests and need confirmation do work us again and get a confirmation of the new QSO.

Here is a list of contests worked since 2009. Some non-contest QSO’s have been loaded to LoTW, mainly since 2013, but not all.

Year Contest Call Used QSOs Upload
2014 CQ160 CW OH5Z 958 OK
2013 CQ160 CW Jan 25 OH5Z 976 OK
CQWW CW Nov 23 OH5Z 6459 OK
CQWW SSB Oct 26 OH5Z 5900 OK
WPX SSB Mar 30 OH5Z 4449 OK
Total 25040
2012 Contest Call Used
CQWW CW Nov 24 OH5Z 2064 OK
IARU Jul 14 OH5Z 1964 OK
Rus DX Mar 17 OH5Z 1169 OK
WPX CW May 26 OH5Z 1280 OK
WPX SSB Mar 24 OH5Z 5239 OK
YO HF Aug 25 OH5Z 1015 OK
SAC CW 1605 OK
WAG 778 OK
CQ160m CW OH5Z 10 OK
Total 16055
2011 Contest Call Used
CQWW CW Nov 26 OH5Z 1435 OK
SAC SSB Oct 8 OH5Z 3001 OK
UBA CW Feb 26 OH5Z 634 OK
WPX CW May 28 OH5Z 1624 OK
CQ160m CW OH5Z  N/A  Missing
Total 11145
2010 Contest Call Used
Rus DX Mar 20 OH5Z 1161 OK
SAC CW Sep 18 OH5Z 2187 OK
WPX CW May 29 OH5Z 1638 OK
YO HF Aug 28 OH5Z 1434 OK
Total 11823
2009 Contest Call Used
CQWW CW Nov 28 OH5Z 3967 OK
CQWW SSB Oct 24 OH5Z 3276 OK
OK/OM DX Nov 14 OH5Z 526 OK
WAG Oct 17 OH5Z 872 OK
YO HF Aug 29 OH5Z 1154 OK
SAC CW 1758 OK
Total 12900

73, Juha OH6XX