This time we operated the contest with OG9X call. Our intention was to
participate in Multi 2 but because we were a bit short of operators we
entered in Multi 1.

OG9X and OH6XX were full time, Kari OH5TS had to leave on late
Saturday afternoon. Peter OH5NQ caught cold while coming back from EA8
and had problem with his voice and could only operate part time.

We claimed a new OH record even we had some technical problems.

160     8          0     0        16      2.00
80       268     4     140   621     2.32
40       272     1     90     675     2.48
20       1399   15  481   3403   2.43
15       1543   27  504   3375   2.19
10       1003   17  244   2477   2.47
TOTAL 4493 64 1459 10567 2.35
TOTAL SCORE : 15 417 253

OH6XX and OG9X went to the station on Thursday night to do some
preliminary work. We modified the RUN1 operating position to have
everything a bit more ergonomic and to have more space on the table.
We will do the same for RUN2 position as soon as we have time for that.
RUN1 has a K3 for running and FT-1000 Field for S&P. They both share
same amplifier and are interlocked with a Acom commutator.
Both operators can listen with all transmitting antennas or a 80-10
meter vertical 500 meters away from transmitting antennas.

Because of too few oparators we did not use a multiplier station.

OH5TS had visited the station earlier in the week and informed that the
upper rotary dipole of the 80 meter dipole stack was at 45 degree angle.
On Saturday morning OH5NQ and OH6XX drove to the town next by to
get some spare parts to fix the problem. Juha, OH6XX climbed Tower1
at 52 meter level just to find out that the problem could not be fixed with
the parts available. He secured the dipole so that it would not fall down
and break the antennas below it.
Unfortunately the dipole was touching one of the 40 meter yagis and
15 meter driven element of one of the tribanders.
On 40 we could only use 3 element at 34 meters and 2 element at 23
meters fixed to Europe. 80 meter signal was not the one that we are used to.
Fortunately the high bands were open and there was need to spend time
on the low bands.

We did not get running going on 20 at the start and spend the first 3 hours
mainly on 80 and 40. After that we got 20 rocking into North America.

Because of the situation with the 80 meter dipole we did not rotate the
big stack into Japan on Saturday morning but used 4/4 on 20, 6 el on
15 and 10. Later the day 20, 15 and 10 had good openings into North
America and when 15 and 10 closed we continued to work NA on 20 the
whole night until Sunday morning.

Sunday morning we rotated the big stack into Japan but even with a
4 stacked 10 element tribanders the JA numbers were lower than expected.

Afternoon and evening openings into NA were good and we could run them
until about 22 UTC.Then somebody switched the conditions off from us and
we were forced to go to the low bands.

During the contest we were connected to cqcontest.net with a real time score.
It was very interesting to see the scores of other Multi 1 teams. We tried to
catch SJ2W, came very close on Sunday morning but lost it again.

Micke and the team at SJ2W – outstanding job in given conditions.

Congratulations also to CN2AA team for a new record.


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