CQ WW 2013 SSB

Juha, OH6XX and myself arrived at the station on Thursday afternoon.
We started to work with the low band RX-antennas and splitters.
It was getting dark but we managed to put up one of the FO0AAA loops.
Rest of the evening was spent inside to repair some cables and build a
shelf for the preamps and splitters.


On Friday morning we continued with the loops and inside cableling. The
running support operating position was also configured and tested.

I started to attach antenna automation boxes back in place after the
repair and Juha climbed up to the 62 meter tower to replace 40
and 20-10 meter matching boxes. Unfortunately it was not possible to
replace the 40 meter box so we suffered of high SWR on 40 the whole
weekend. 20-10 box was succesfully replaced and SWR came down to
normal figures on all high bands.


As usual it was pretty late when everything was finished so we had time
only for a 90 minutes sleep before the contest.
We started with limited manpower, OH5NQ, OH6XX and OG9X operated the
first 6 hours. OH5KS, OH5LF and OH7BX arrived at the morning.
KImmo, OH5KS was a day time operator and he had to leave at 14 UTC.
Kari, OH5TS arrived at 13 UTC.

During the first night we lost one FT-1000MP and it took some time to
replace it with a TS-590. That was the only technical problem during
the weekend besides the fact that we could not use the low band
RX-antennas. That will be fixed before the cw weekend.


For the first time ever we had a strange local QRM on 80 meters. That
made 3745 – 3800 useless. We lost quite a few multipliers because of that.

On Sunday we had the whole team at the station during the day time.
OH5KS, OH5LF, OH5TS and OH7BX left in the late afternoon so it was
again the team of OH5NQ, OH6XX and OG9X to finish the contest.

The propagation was very good through out the weekend and we were
able to claim a new OH Multi / Single record with 11 million points.

cqww_ssb_2013_oh5z (1)

See you all in the cw part.


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