General information

OH5Z is designed, built and configured mainly for Single operator and M/S and M2 operations.

We have 5 operating positions

– Run 1
– Run 1 support
– Run 2
– Run 2 support
– Multiplier

Antenna system includes 4 towers, 62 m rotating, 42 meter rotating, 24 m EU tower
and 36 meter 160 m vertical.

Tower 1 ( 62 m ) holds 2 stacked dipoles for 80, 2/2/2 for 40 and 5 JP-2000 tribanders
for the high bands, 20-15-10.
The upmost tribander has a own rotator and can be turned independently.
The other 4 form a stack for 20-15-10 m.

Tower 2 ( 42 m ) holds 3 el full size for 40 m, 4/4 for 20 m, 6 el for 15 m and 6 el for 10 m.
At the top we have a 6 el JP6 tribander with own rotator.

Tower 3 ( 24 m ) is a fixed EU tower with 2 el for 40 m and two JP6 tribanders for 20-10 m.

Tower 4 ( 36 m ) is a 160 m vertical with 8elevated radials and 16 ground radials

JP-2000 stack can be routed to Run1 and Run1 support operating positions,all other antennas can be routed for all operating positions.

Run1 and Run1 support positions have 3 directions on 40 to 10 meters. Run2 and Run2 support have 3 directions on 40 and 2 directions on 20-10.

For low band receiving we have 3 FO0AAA type loops at 60, 180 and 300 degrees and a 300 meter beverage for NA.
These can be routed to all operating positions with independed direction selection.

Running support positions have a 80-10 meter vertical at 450 meters distance from transmitting antennas making it possible to listen on the transmitting band while transmitting. This antenna can be connected also to both run positions while support is transmitting.

Amplifiers are OM Power, Alpha and Acom brands. Radios are Yaesu, Elecraft and Kenwood.


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