OF5Z will be M2 in wpx ssb

To celebrate 100 years of independence in Finland we will sign a special prefix OF5Z in WPX ssb contest. Class will be M2.

Operators will be OH2BU, OH5CZ, OH5NQ, OH5TS, OH6XX, OH7CW, OG9X and SM6LRR.

Let’s hope for a good propagation!

See you on the bands!

OF5Z team



CQ WPX SSB 2015 OG9X @ OH5Z M2

This was the first contest when we had everything fixed after the lightning damage last year.

We decided to enter Multi 2 targeting a new OH record – in the end we claimed just 3000 points over the record which is not enough after log checking process.

We had 2 operating positions with run and support radios with inband receiving capability. Team included 7 operators of which OH5NQ, OH6XX, OH7CW and OG9X were full time. Part timers were OH2BU, OH5TS and OH6NVC. MIka, OH6NVC joined us for the first time but not the last. He did a great job with support radio.

Nothing broke this time compleately. At the start we had a problem with Run2 support radio and Acom 2S1. Juha OH6XX was able to solve the problem by 02.50 UTC. After that we were in full action.

Murphy paid us a new visit late Sunday evening when we suddenly lost receiving on 15 meters at Run1. later on we figured that the problem could have been ICE bandpass filter. Monday morning after the contest we tested it again and it was working OK. Have to check it before next contest.

We ended up claiming 17.5 million points which is our personal best.

Thanks for the qso’s and see you all in CQ WPX CW!

All qso’s will be uploaded to LoTW

73, Timo OG9X

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