CQ WW 160 cw contest coming up

Hi there

It’s been quite a silence on our blog. We have been repairing many things
that were broken during cq ww cw contest. A problem with 80 meter antenna
caused us serious problems during and after the contest.

I will go to the station on Friday to set it up for cq ww 160 cw contest.
Hopefully Kari, OH5TS will join me to make it possible to operate as
multi operator. With the forecasted conditions it will be very challenging
from up here at the northern latitudes.

I have to run a 1000 foot feedline to East / West beverage and if the weather
permits I will try to repair the NA beverage.

Hope to hear you all during the weekend.

73, Timo OG9X


Another work weekend at OH5Z

We arrived the station on Friday evening and started to make a new
operating table for multiplier stations. We made a big shelf for the linears
and displays.
Next step was to repair the antenna switching. We had a problem with
160 and 80 meter antennas. Since it was getting very late we decided
to get some sleep and continue next morning.

Kari OH5LF and Kimmo OH5KS came on Saturday morning to fix the rotator
of the big 62 meter tower. The tower rotates OK, but the EA4TX control
box is burned and has to be replaced. Fortunately we have a possibility to
rotate the tower with a remote switch.

Juha OH6XX and I connected high band EU antenna back in business so
that we have 3 directions on 40 – 10 meters.

In the afternoon we replaced the broken coaxial for 40 meter stack.

After the sunset we continued with antenna switching. Finally the
problem was found and we got it operational again.

In the evening we participated The Polar Battle, Scandinavian Activity
Contest for a few hours with about 550 qsoa logged.

Now we are ready for CQ WW SSB contest. We will operate as a M/S
with 6 operators.

73, Timo OG9X

Repair weekend at OH5Z



Hi all

A week ago Juha OH6XX and me went to the station on Friday evening to make repairs after the thunder storm. Mikko OH6HZH joined us and as it was CQ WW RTTY contest weekend his intention was to work the contest part time.

We assembled the fixed stack matches for 40-10 meters and they seemed to work OK. We still have some problems with antenna switching and we could not route antennas for 80 and 15 to the station. That we have to look again next weekend.

Kari OH5LF came on Saturday to change the chain for 62 meter tower just to find out that the motor was burned and there was also something wrong with the gear. The azimuth indication potentiometer was also burned. He will come back next weekend to repair the rotating system. We also noticed that the EA4TX rotator control was not working. There were 2 burned fuses and it seems that the -12 V power supply was damaged.

Tried also repair the semi-automatic amplifier for 160-10 m. We thought the problem was with a time-delay chip which was replaced but could not get it working with automatic band switching. Have to look that again next weekend. Fortunately we can use it as a manual amplifier.

We made new phasing lines for 20-10 meter EU stack and replaced them. While checking the SWR of the stack we figured that the stack match was broken. OK, one more broken box to the to do list.

We took a walk up on the hill to check the beverages and found NA beverage being broken in 3 places. As we have very limited time to make repairs at the station it seems that we have to work CQ WW SSB contest without RX-antennas.


We will update after next weekend

73, Timo OG9X

Direct hit by lightning – OH5Z QRT until further notice

Sad news from OH5Z.

We had scheduled the weekend of August 15-17 to put up new beverages and modify operating tables. OH6XX and OG9X arrived the station on Friday evening just to find out that there was no electricity in the shack. After an hour or so we were able to recover the power. At this time we heard that there had been a major thunder storm about a week earlier and the site was hit by lightning.

All equipment had been disconnected from antennas and power line at that time but it came obvious that a major damage had occured.

After checking all devices we noticed that almost everything that was in the shack was lost.

  • – 2 FT-1000 mp tranceivers
  • – 160 -10 meters automatic amplifier
  • – 2 band decoders
  • – 2 6 band automatic BPF’s
  • – 3 computers
  • – 40 meter stack match + controller
  • – 20-10 meter stack match + controller
  • – other relay boxes of the antenna automation
  • – rotor controller
  • – power supply
  • – antenna automation control unit

To repair everything will take some time and it is obvious that we will not participate The Polar Battle, SAC 2014. Hopefully we can get things fixed before CQ WW SSB but it seems that the next real multi operation will be the CW part.

We will keep you posted on the progress of the station repair.

73, Timo OG9X




This time we operated the contest with OG9X call. Our intention was to
participate in Multi 2 but because we were a bit short of operators we
entered in Multi 1.

OG9X and OH6XX were full time, Kari OH5TS had to leave on late
Saturday afternoon. Peter OH5NQ caught cold while coming back from EA8
and had problem with his voice and could only operate part time.

We claimed a new OH record even we had some technical problems.

160     8          0     0        16      2.00
80       268     4     140   621     2.32
40       272     1     90     675     2.48
20       1399   15  481   3403   2.43
15       1543   27  504   3375   2.19
10       1003   17  244   2477   2.47
TOTAL 4493 64 1459 10567 2.35
TOTAL SCORE : 15 417 253

OH6XX and OG9X went to the station on Thursday night to do some
preliminary work. We modified the RUN1 operating position to have
everything a bit more ergonomic and to have more space on the table.
We will do the same for RUN2 position as soon as we have time for that.
RUN1 has a K3 for running and FT-1000 Field for S&P. They both share
same amplifier and are interlocked with a Acom commutator.
Both operators can listen with all transmitting antennas or a 80-10
meter vertical 500 meters away from transmitting antennas.

Because of too few oparators we did not use a multiplier station.

OH5TS had visited the station earlier in the week and informed that the
upper rotary dipole of the 80 meter dipole stack was at 45 degree angle.
On Saturday morning OH5NQ and OH6XX drove to the town next by to
get some spare parts to fix the problem. Juha, OH6XX climbed Tower1
at 52 meter level just to find out that the problem could not be fixed with
the parts available. He secured the dipole so that it would not fall down
and break the antennas below it.
Unfortunately the dipole was touching one of the 40 meter yagis and
15 meter driven element of one of the tribanders.
On 40 we could only use 3 element at 34 meters and 2 element at 23
meters fixed to Europe. 80 meter signal was not the one that we are used to.
Fortunately the high bands were open and there was need to spend time
on the low bands.

We did not get running going on 20 at the start and spend the first 3 hours
mainly on 80 and 40. After that we got 20 rocking into North America.

Because of the situation with the 80 meter dipole we did not rotate the
big stack into Japan on Saturday morning but used 4/4 on 20, 6 el on
15 and 10. Later the day 20, 15 and 10 had good openings into North
America and when 15 and 10 closed we continued to work NA on 20 the
whole night until Sunday morning.

Sunday morning we rotated the big stack into Japan but even with a
4 stacked 10 element tribanders the JA numbers were lower than expected.

Afternoon and evening openings into NA were good and we could run them
until about 22 UTC.Then somebody switched the conditions off from us and
we were forced to go to the low bands.

During the contest we were connected to cqcontest.net with a real time score.
It was very interesting to see the scores of other Multi 1 teams. We tried to
catch SJ2W, came very close on Sunday morning but lost it again.

Micke and the team at SJ2W – outstanding job in given conditions.

Congratulations also to CN2AA team for a new record.

See you all in cw part !

Timo, OG9X

Contest stories added to the Menu

Hi all

I added a new menu item – Contest stories. The first one is about CQ WW 2013 SSB.

Added some pictures to Indoors gallery. Still have some problems with the gallery but I am working on to fix it.


EU tower with 2 element 40 meter yagi and stacked 6 element tribanders for 20-10. In the back a grounded tower for 160.

73, Timo OG9X